Saturday, 30 January 2016

Anyone want a free Graze box?

Okay so I haven't posted in like a gajillion years but I still wanna be nice.
In order to claim a free Graze box, click on this link below: 

This entitles you to one free Graze box. If you choose to stick around longer after your free box, you can also get your fifth and tenth boxes free.

At £3.99 a box, Graze is pretty cool. Four handmade packeted goods that come on your schedule, all goods according to your preferences and the price also includes delivery lol. Basically £1 per food product and that's pretty good. 
So click on the link above to give their goods a try for free.

On a completely unrelated note, I probably will start blogging again after my A Level exams. At present, on hiatus.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Lord, the other 'segment' was a complete and utter fail and so I pray that I have the strength to regulate at least this one. Baby steps, baby steps.
Daawat E Ishq
In case you haven't realised, I am a Bollywood fanatic. It's difficult to see a good Bollywood film to watch family these days because the Bollywood industry has become way too sexualised and to be honest, quite literally, they have lost the plot. Nearly every movie lacks plot and good acting. Daawat E Ishq was a pretty good movie although I don't believe that the name well and truly matched the movie. Ultimately it is based upon dowry whereas the title suggests that it is based upon a love of food, forgive the presumption(!).
Starring stunning Parineeti Chopra who can most certainly rock hot pink lips and an Anarkali suit alongside Aditya Roy Kapur who plays a wholesome, loving restaurant owner, the chemistry is sweet, much like the kheer he makes. Gullu (Parineeti), is of marriageable age and is sick and tired of constantly being turned down because her father (Anupam Kher) cannot meet the extortionate demands of the grooms-sides. Gullu decides to hatch a con plan and heads to Lucknow with her father where she eventually falls in love during the process of conning blind-in-love Tariq (Aditya). They do succeed in their plan then the guilt begins to eat up Gulrez and she makes plan to return the money to him when suddenly he meets her and the happy ending commences, without dowry. And thus ended another blissfully unrealistic Bollywood movie.
The songs are catchy, foot tapping and animated, the outfits and situations are generally appealing, humorous and entertaining.
It is indeed suitable to watch with family.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Yes, 'Twas Shawty's Birthday

I have a secret to tell you; I am... Shawty. Just wanted to spend a blog post showing you my cute, new outfit that I wore on my birthday.

White Vest Top - New Look
Tasseled Palm Tree Kimono - Gift
Light Blue Jeans - Gift
Rose Headband - New Look
Beige Bag - New Look
Earrings - New Look
Beige Shoes - New Look

That concentration, tho'...

~ Sapna

Turn Down For What?! N-Word, It Was My Birthday! - Loot

... On the 18th... So I blogged about it a little late- sue me. I've just turned sixteen and I feel like I had been waiting for that day for years, (about six to be precise). My birthday was pretty cool actually, there was cake, family, an outing for food and plenty of gifts- the recipe to a perfect birthday. If you would like to see what I got, continue reading.

From top-to-bottom,
Unicorn cropped jumper
Knee-ripped grey jeans
"Now or Never" Tshirt
Tasseled Palm Tree Kimono
White Blazer
Printed Blouse
Daisy Print blouse
Light Blue ankle zip jeans
Clean Get Away travel minis set
Bailey Bow Uggs
Loom Bands
Beauty Blender
Mint iPod Shuffle
San Francisco Vest Top
Fossil Watch

~ Sapna

On a Rollercoaster Ride

So recently I went to Drayton Manor and basically thought my outfit looked cute so I decided to have a blogger shoot. A blogger shoot is an amateur photo-shoot which consists of your agitated sibling taking countless pictures of you frozen in fake mid-movement poses. Here we go now...

Cupcake tank - Primark
Acid wash jeans - New Look
Glitter Ombre Converse - Schuh
Yellow Shrug cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - New Look
Retro Camera necklace - Ebay

The sister and I

~ Sapna 

Saturday, 31 May 2014


Religion: an individual's set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe. Notice how I specifically described it as an individual's set of beliefs? Not a family's, not a country's, nor any other unit of people. Religion is unique to each and every individual,  or so it should be. A person isn't, I repeat is not obligated to share the same religion as say those in their country of residence, or their school or even their family because religion is unique to everyone. 

We are born into our families, and from birth, people have expectations from you, even as a baby. Such as you must hold some degree of cuteness, look somewhat like your parents, be a healthy born infant, share the same traditions, values and beliefs as your family when you grow up, aspire to become educated and have a respectable occupation etc. Now some of these are reasonable things such as going to school because this is ultimately mapping out a good life for you because you learn, not only objectively and academically but you learn subtler things such as getting along with people, how to be friendly etc. 
What happens when an expectation isn't delivered? There are fights, quarrels, severing ties and generally a shaky family atmosphere. This is because we as human beings are all-expectant creatures.

It is okay not to follow through on these expectations. Yes, you heard me correctly, it is okay not to do what is expected of you. I say this because through life, from when we are born, we are constantly learning, gaining new knowledge and experience. We learn to quench the thirst that is curiosity and through this we learn our passions and what we love. We learn to differentiate between right ans wrong, we form an opinion, we form thoughts and generally we just think for ourselves. It is not rebellious behaviour to not follow through on these from-birth expectations. 

Our experiences and knowledge are what make us the people that we are. As we learn things, sometimes it may clash and contradict with something which we knew before and thought of as truth but it is okay to dismiss the old idea as we are human and we learn more truth everyday. In religion, we may see our written-in-stone beliefs as true but one thirst which is shown an unbelievably high level of ignorance towards is other religions.

How can one say that they are happy with staying with one set of beliefs when they haven't even thought about the other options? Curiosity is a thirst which is majority of the time kept dehydrated. Curiosity may have killed the cat but we are human and our survival skills outweigh that of a cat.

For those of you who are of a religion simply by name, you should think to yourself why you aren't practicing. Is it that your heart is somewhere else? Delving into another religion whilst you're still there writing the same monotonous thing in your Facebook bio?