Thursday, 17 July 2014


Pancakes. I've fallen in love with them all over again. You see, my family can't really make the the small, thick, circular American pancakes as they can only manage to make the thin, crepe-like ones, and so, I looked up a recipe for thick, fluffy, American-style pancakes and Jamie Oliver came to my rescue. So far I can only make Rugby-ball shaped pancakes but they are pretty thick and fluffy, (if I do say so myself).

My Fossil watch I received for my birthday has now become my simple, (yet stylish), staple with any outfit - I don't even care about mixing metals in what I wear.

K, so I watched two films online which I had been lusting to watch for a while now. If you aren't interested in Bollywood, flick the page now and never return for I am a Bollywood junkie. First lusted-after film I watched was 2 States. Now this film was based on the book '2 States" by Chetan Bhagat which is a story of his marriage. The tale is as follows: A Tamilian girl, (Alia Bhatt) meets a hot-blooded Punjabi boy, (Arjun Kapoor), and obviously they fall in love. The story shows the troubles and issues they face between their families trying to get everyone to agree to the marriage and it seems that as soon as everybody has more or less agreed, they fall out of love. But as with nearly every Bollywood movie, they get back together again resulting in a happy ending. It was well written with the sweetness of the tale and the occasional funny joke but alas, it wasn't nearly as entertaining and great as the trailer and reviews portrayed it to be.
The other film I watched was Ek Villain. This was just wow. Be warned that I may let out a few spoilers right now if you haven't watched it as of yet... Shraddha Kapoor who plays Aisha, dies in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Everything else which is shown is a flashback. Ritesh Deshmukh plays a serial killer named Rakesh who goes around killing girls which either yell a lot, think too much of themselves or generally complain too much. This was what caused Aisha to get killed as he followed her home then snagged her with a screwdriver, (the famous weapon of the movie) and then just as it seemed he was going to let her go, he throws her out of the window. There are many shocking points of the movie and the songs are very emotional but generally very well composed songs. Siddharth Malhotra is portrayed as a villain too to an extent, as is Deshmukh, but they both have pasts which have affected them. The acting was generally done very, very well and Prachi Desai's cameo appearance in 'Awari' was great - she was portrayed in a completely different avatar than usual.
I would definitely recommend that you watch these. 

~ Sapna 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Yes, 'Twas Shawty's Birthday

I have a secret to tell you; I am... Shawty. Just wanted to spend a blog post showing you my cute, new outfit that I wore on my birthday.

White Vest Top - New Look
Tasseled Palm Tree Kimono - Gift
Light Blue Jeans - Gift
Rose Headband - New Look
Beige Bag - New Look
Earrings - New Look
Beige Shoes - New Look

That concentration, tho'...

~ Sapna

Turn Down For What?! N-Word, It Was My Birthday! - Loot

... On the 18th... So I blogged about it a little late- sue me. I've just turned sixteen and I feel like I had been waiting for that day for years, (about six to be precise). My birthday was pretty cool actually, there was cake, family, an outing for food and plenty of gifts- the recipe to a perfect birthday. If you would like to see what I got, continue reading.

From top-to-bottom,
Unicorn cropped jumper
Knee-ripped grey jeans
"Now or Never" Tshirt
Tasseled Palm Tree Kimono
White Blazer
Printed Blouse
Daisy Print blouse
Light Blue ankle zip jeans
Clean Get Away travel minis set
Bailey Bow Uggs
Loom Bands
Beauty Blender
Mint iPod Shuffle
San Francisco Vest Top
Fossil Watch

~ Sapna

On a Rollercoaster Ride

So recently I went to Drayton Manor and basically thought my outfit looked cute so I decided to have a blogger shoot. A blogger shoot is an amateur photo-shoot which consists of your agitated sibling taking countless pictures of you frozen in fake mid-movement poses. Here we go now...

Cupcake tank - Primark
Acid wash jeans - New Look
Glitter Ombre Converse - Schuh
Yellow Shrug cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - New Look
Retro Camera necklace - Ebay

The sister and I

~ Sapna 

Friday, 13 June 2014


Well, well, what is this? A segment? Will this create some kind of regularity with my blogging? Probably not. This segment is to let you guys know of things I'm insane about or have newly fallen in love with.

Wrap dresses. My sister recently gave me a whole bunch of wrap dresses with some funky prints . A wrap dress is that which has to be strategically pulled together then tied to the side. I style these generally with a pashmina, leather jacket and a vest top underneath to keep my modesty intact.

Now this section isn't only about actual television, it's about media. Well I watched Maleficent with my family and it's actually nothing like how I expected. It was very well written and with a sweet PG rated twist at the end; Aurora can only be awakened by true love's kiss and what can be purer than the love of somebody who has been betrayed?
  I also watched 22 Jump Street which was entertaining but seeing as I haven't watched 21 Jump Street, my understanding was limited. However my confusion was cleared with Mr Tatum's onscreen magnificence. 

So my mother and sister recently discovered a place online which delivers live seafood. We were after the lobster. Lobster is a peculiar crustacean as it must be placed in scaldingly hot water to be killed. It cannot be killed and preserved for a while as the taste of the meat deteriorates. So I watched in fear as my mother dipped a lobster's claws into boiling water then yelling as she realised the pan was not large enough. Then finally when she put the lobster in the pan, it began to attempt to escape. We sisters gathered round the pan in fear until the eerie silence signified the death of the lobster. This happened twice more and after  boiling them for 20 minutes each, their shells turned a coral red/pink colour, we basted and baked them in garlic butter and accompanied with herb-spiced baked potatoes. 

~ Sapna

Saturday, 31 May 2014


Religion: an individual's set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe. Notice how I specifically described it as an individual's set of beliefs? Not a family's, not a country's, nor any other unit of people. Religion is unique to each and every individual,  or so it should be. A person isn't, I repeat is not obligated to share the same religion as say those in their country of residence, or their school or even their family because religion is unique to everyone. 

We are born into our families, and from birth, people have expectations from you, even as a baby. Such as you must hold some degree of cuteness, look somewhat like your parents, be a healthy born infant, share the same traditions, values and beliefs as your family when you grow up, aspire to become educated and have a respectable occupation etc. Now some of these are reasonable things such as going to school because this is ultimately mapping out a good life for you because you learn, not only objectively and academically but you learn subtler things such as getting along with people, how to be friendly etc. 
What happens when an expectation isn't delivered? There are fights, quarrels, severing ties and generally a shaky family atmosphere. This is because we as human beings are all-expectant creatures.

It is okay not to follow through on these expectations. Yes, you heard me correctly, it is okay not to do what is expected of you. I say this because through life, from when we are born, we are constantly learning, gaining new knowledge and experience. We learn to quench the thirst that is curiosity and through this we learn our passions and what we love. We learn to differentiate between right ans wrong, we form an opinion, we form thoughts and generally we just think for ourselves. It is not rebellious behaviour to not follow through on these from-birth expectations. 

Our experiences and knowledge are what make us the people that we are. As we learn things, sometimes it may clash and contradict with something which we knew before and thought of as truth but it is okay to dismiss the old idea as we are human and we learn more truth everyday. In religion, we may see our written-in-stone beliefs as true but one thirst which is shown an unbelievably high level of ignorance towards is other religions.

How can one say that they are happy with staying with one set of beliefs when they haven't even thought about the other options? Curiosity is a thirst which is majority of the time kept dehydrated. Curiosity may have killed the cat but we are human and our survival skills outweigh that of a cat.

For those of you who are of a religion simply by name, you should think to yourself why you aren't practicing. Is it that your heart is somewhere else? Delving into another religion whilst you're still there writing the same monotonous thing in your Facebook bio?